Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Done in by Girl Scout Cookies

I've never paid much attention to Girl Scout cookies or the Girl Scout thing as a whole.  I figured they were a Ya-Ya Sisterhood of sorts, little girls who went traipsing about the forest earning badges for things like tree climbing and fire building.
It's all very hush hush.  What do those girls do out in the wild?  Do they turn feral?  I grew up on horror movies, so my fertile imagination conjures images that surely don't apply (Witchcraft?).   I'm a city girl, what do you expect?

Human sacrifices aside, what I know for certain is that they sell cookies.  Cookies which make the angels weep, or so I'm told.  I have no interest in those puppies--or rather I had no interest.  What made me change my mind?  For that, I have the unwitting Stephanie Perkins and Shana Corey to blame.

Let's backtrack a week:
I'd just read Stephanie Perkins's Anna and the French Kiss and blogged about it.  In the story, Anna is sent to boarding school in Paris and besides meeting the dreamy St. Clair,  something even bigger happens.  For her birthday, she receives Girl Scout cookies!  Anna and her friends indulge in such a cookie orgy (especially with those chocolate peanut-buttery Tagalongs, which I'd never heard of) that my interest was admittedly peaked.

The day after I blogged, I learned that a friend's new picture book, Here Come the Girl Scouts! had just pubbed.
Super editor Shana Corey has written an interesting and informative book about Juliette Gordon Lowe, the founder of the Girl Scouts (Shana even got an email from Gloria Steinem, who was a former Girl Scout herself--way cool).  Girl Scouts tied to feminism?  Huh.  Maybe there was more to them than I thought.  I planned on getting this book asap.

And then the day after that, wouldn't you know it--someone from the office started selling Girl Scout cookies. Talk about a perfect storm.  Was someone out there trying to tell me something?  Juliette Gordan Low, is that you out there?  

So fine, I did it.  I placed my order for six boxes of the darn things (Thin mints, tagalongs, anyone?).  

And that's how I got done in by Girl Scout cookies.  

EDIT: Here Come the Girl Scouts! received a starred review in School Library Journal.  Go, Shana!

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